Glenn Neasham

Glenn Neasham

Glenn Neasham is an experienced independent financial professional based in California. He founded Glenn Neasham Insurance Agency, through which he has assisted hundreds of clients in planning their retirements.

While he has made a name for himself in the insurance business, Mr. Neasham’s career also spans a variety of other business endeavors. He previously worked in the publishing industry while he was living in Granite Bay, California. He owned and operated two local newspapers, the Citrus Heights City Times and the Gold River News, and was the publisher for both of these papers.

In addition to managing the success of the newspapers themselves, Mr. Neasham led his “team” to raise $25,000.00 for Relay for Life during this time. This instance exemplifies Mr. Neasham’s overall approach to business: not only does he seek out ways to motivate and empower his peers, he tries to get as involved as he can in community events as well.

Mr. Neasham is a strong believer in the power of collaboration; he considers it a great way to help his companies grow and succeed. When it comes to his insurance agency, he is proud to have partnered with Tarkenton Financial, a national insurance marketing firm led by NFL Hall of Famer Fran Tarkenton. This affiliation allows Mr. Neasham to expand his professional outreach and collaborate with others who are passionate about providing great service and education to clients.

In addition to this, Mr. Neasham owns a patent pending product that will revolutionize the bathroom market world wide, and he is currently seeking out professional partners for it. He is proud to offer an entrepreneurial like no other!

Mr. Neasham has a variety of personal passions as well. He is interested in entertainment (acting, television, plays, etc.) and he previously attended the Summer Training Congress at the American Conservatory Theatre (School for Film and Television) in New York. Prior to that he attended BYU Idaho, where he studied business, theater, and criminal justice. He is also an avid golfer. He enjoys playing it whenever he can and likes to watch tournaments on television as well.

This blog will focus on Glenn Neasham’s interests in his local community in California, as well as his personal hobbies. Keep up with his latest posts to get insights into the local business scene, golfing tips, and much more. For more, check out his retirement planning blog or his entrepreneurship blog.