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Glenn Neasham

Common Problems with Golf Bags and How to Fix them

To be a successful golfer there are a few things beyond playing ability you should consider. Things like proper etiquette, joining the right clubs and competitions, and knowing how to handle your gear. Prime example? The golf bag. Whether it’s the clubs, accessories, or the bag in its entirety here are 10 things you should […]

Glenn Neasham

Tips for Developing Consistency on the Golf Green

To develop effective consistency around the greens game, golfers must continue to practice and hone their skills. In addition to getting in a lot of repetitions, a few simple steps can help golfers maximize their time on the greens and improve their overall short game. SWING THROUGH THE HIP To set yourself up for success, […]

Glenn Neasham

Benefits of Playing Golf

The next time you are looking for a pick-me-up, pick up your golf clubs. They will provide both physical and mental benefits, as well as the benefits that come from simple being in nature. Let’s take a deeper look at these benefits. Exposure to Nature Golf is another way of increasing your exposure to nature. […]

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