To be a successful golfer there are a few things beyond playing ability you should consider. Things like proper etiquette, joining the right clubs and competitions, and knowing how to handle your gear. Prime example? The golf bag. Whether it’s the clubs, accessories, or the bag in its entirety here are 10 things you should get rid of- or maybe have- in your golf bag.

A sharpie to label your ball
When you step on the tee you’re supposed to state your name and the number of the ball you’re playing with. It’s all fun and games until someone has the same ball. That scoring pencil just isn’t going to cut it. You can best prepare for this situation by storing a sharpie in your bag.

The set-makeup may not make sense with the course you’re playing
You get 14 clubs. What course do you play most often? Your set should reflect that course and every club should serve a purpose. A general rule of thumb- use it or lose it! If you hardly ever use a club, there is probably a different one out there that would help you improve your game.

Don’t buy a bag that’s too heavy when you walk
Just don’t do it. It will be a pain all day and slow down not just you, but everyone else you’re playing with! If it’s more than 5 pounds while empty, you might want to opt for something lighter because once you add everything else to it, it can be like weight-lifting all day. Essential items to include in your bag are as follows:

10 tees
2 ball markers
1 towel
6 golf balls

If it’s clearly a day for good weather- ditch the rain gear. All it ends up doing at that point is weigh you down!

Get rid of old clubs!
Putters are an exception to this rule but every other club should be retired after 5 years. You may be used to them and think that you don’t need new clubs or that they really aren’t as good as everyone is making them sound but try out a buddy’s and see for yourself what a difference updated clubs make!

Now that you know what changes to make to your golf bag- get to it!