Why should you support your local theater? There are a plethora of reasons to support your local arts community but the following stand out among the rest.

Gives your Brain a Workout

Emotional intelligence and creative thinking are instinctive human abilities. Just like our body’s muscles, these abilities must be exercised in order to keep them active and strong, and the performing arts can help develop these forms of intelligence. Emotional intelligence is essential to both personal and professional success because it allows you to empathize better with others. This is not the only type of work out your brain is receiving while taking in a play. The quick wit, vocabulary and references made on stage cause your brain to be stimulated. Watching characters on stage requires quick mental shifts as well as sharp attention. Don’t let anyone tell you the theater is not a work out!

You’re Giving Back to the Community

By supporting your local theater, you are supporting your community as well. The money you spend on tickets doesn’t just get thrown to some charity, rather, it often goes into the funding for future productions. Your contribution could potentially go towards the funding for a set for a bigger show, for a theater outreach program or perhaps for puppets for a kid’s show. The money you spend by attending a local play goes right back into that theater.

You’re Helping to Inspire a Future Generation

By going to the local theater with your children or grandchildren, you are helping instill a love of theater in the next generation. You may be sitting next to the next famous playwright, director or actor. Even if you don’t have a child to bring, simply by supporting the theater, you are allowing children to have the opportunity to experience the beautiful cycle of culture in theater.

There is so much more to the theater than the show itself. By supporting your local theater, you are the benefactor of a great brain work out. You are also simultaneously giving back to your local community as well as inspiring a future generation. If those aren’t good enough reasons to support local theater, we aren’t sure what is!