Are you going to a theater show soon? Are you unsure of how to dress or how to behave inside the theater? Follow the following etiquette tips and you will do great!

Arrive Early

One of the first rules of theater is to arrive early. Plan on being seated thirty minutes before the show starts. Obviously, we all face circumstances sometimes that cause this to be impossible, but know that if you do arrive late, you will have to wait until there is a break in the performance to enter. On that note, don’t argue with the ushers about having to wait. Many theaters provide a tv in their lobby showing the performance so you can watch as you wait.

Don’t Sing Along

Even if you are seeing a musical, it is never appropriate to sing along. You and those around you paid good money to hear the voices of the actors on stage. Unless prompted by the performers to join in, refrain from singing along. Rather than singing along, sit back and enjoy the beautiful voices of the actors on stage.

Plan your Bathroom Breaks

Getting up from your seat in the middle of a performance to use the bathroom is distracting not only to those around you but the actors on stage as well. You will have plenty of time to use the bathroom before the show, during intermission or afterwards. Of course, if it is an emergency, go ahead!

Be Appreciative

One of the main rules of theater going is to be appreciative of the actors and their performance, whether you enjoyed the show or not. The actors and actresses of the show work When everyone else is clapping, clap with them. And if the rest of the theater gives a standing ovation, join them.

Now that you know some general theater etiquette rules, you can feel more comfortable entering the theater. Although it is important to be early, be appreciative and not disrupt the actors by getting up, the most important rule of theater is to enjoy the show!